200 million devices have been powered by Windows 10

The latest version of Microsoft’s Windows, the Windows 10, is powering more than 200 million devices including computers and mobile phones at this moment, the company revealed in a latest statement.

Replacing the highly criticized previous version, the Windows 8 since July 2015, Windows 10 has been a great success and has overcome the shortcomings of Windows 8 in many ways. The installs have increased manifold over the last 2 months since just two months back, the company CEO Satya Nadella had spoken that the number of users running Microsoft Windows 10 was around 110 million; just see the exponential rise when it is 200 million and counting at this moment.

It should be noted that the high rise of Windows 10 could also be a result of the product being offered for free for all existing users of Microsoft Windows products. At this moment, a large chunk of the Windows 10 users are retail customers while 75% of the Microsoft’s enterprise customers are still testing Windows 10 to check if it fits all their needs. Ultimately, the success of the latest platform will be judged by how it does with the businesses. With the increase in its user base, Microsoft is also gearing up to build and release more Windows mobile apps so as to stay in competition with Google and Apple.

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