Now connect with PM Modi directly via his app

It is not unknown that our Prime Minister is a tech savvy and social person, his social media profiles and responses confirm so. With the view of ‘Digital India’ in his mind, along with many other programs, he has come up with a mobile application through which he wants to communicate with the population of India.

Mr. Narendra Modi sure understands the power of technology and his app ‘Narendra Modi’ was launched in June of 2015 to connect with the masses and address the grievances of the Indians. The app has 5,00,000 downloads already and the Prime Minister has requested one and all to download this app.

The Indian PM has always been in speculations for one reason or the other when the opposition tries to negate each and every move of him, but the way he (or his office) handles the social media platforms, it is evident that they are on the right track of digitizing India. He already has a monthly radio broadcast ‘Mann Ki Baat’ in which he talks one on one with the people of India and he requested people to be in touch with him via the app.

While it is not known whether he would personally manage the app or it would be his team of social media managers doing the job, it seems to be a good move in the benefit of the countrymen and for the ‘Digital India’ that we all dream of.

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