Apple Finally reveals the price of iPhone SE 64 GB in India, seems bit ridiculous

For those who have been waiting for the 4-inches iPhone to be released in India, we bring a good news! Apple has recently revealed the pricing for its iPhone SE 64 GB in India and the phone is marked at Rs. 49,000. Apple made the price available via its website.

We also came to know that the 16 GB variant is also priced at somewhere around Rs. 39,000 and that too is not impressive given the fact that SE models are good on the inside, but have looks of a 3-year-old model. The iPhone SE was previously launched in US and then it was released in India owing to popular demands and the rising smartphone market that prevails here. As per the makers, this smartphone is one of their most exciting phone, but the reviews do not quite speak in favour of that. This smartphone has received mixed reviews from the users because of its strange pricing that seems too steep for the aesthetics it has got, though it isn’t much behind the flagship.

On the specs front, iPhone SE get the key features like chipset, storage and camera from its current flagship, but only lacks on the body because of its resemblance with iPhone 5. Overall, the features it packs are exciting, for sure, leave aside a few drawbacks and it should be good to go!

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