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The iPhone 6 Plus is a great phone if you can deal with its size and price. It’s blisteringly fast, lasts for ages and comes with one of the best screens we’ve ever seen. The optical image stabilisation takes the good camera on the iPhone 6 and makes it even better.

  • Very expensive
  • No stylus support
  • NFC can only be used for mobile payments
  • No memory expansion (never offered on iPhones)
  • Smooth and lag-free performance
  • Excellent camera (can shoot 4K videos)
  • Improved battery than its predecessor
  • Attractive full HD display
  • Thin and stylish design
- By stuff.tv on

Is the 6s Plus the better iPhone of the two? Only if your hands can handle its generous curves. If not, you’ll find it cumbersome to operate quickly which defeats the purpose of having those fab photo features. Also, the iPhone 6s is the faster phone by a clear margin.

- By digitaltrends.com on

Of Apple’s two new models, we recommend the iPhone 6 over the iPhone 6 Plus, but compared to other (oversized) phablets, this is a fantastic offering. It doesn’t have a stylus like the Galaxy Note 4...

- By pcadvisor.co.uk on

The truth is that a 5.5in screen isn't quite big enough to enable the 6 Plus to replace a tablet, yet the device is arguably too big and unwieldy as a smartphone. It will suit some people perfectly, especially if you watch a lot of video or play a lot of games...

- By pcmag.com on

While I may criticize the 6 Plus for being too much phone and not enough tablet, there's no denying that iOS offers smoother updates, more consistent design, and more exclusive third-party apps than Android does...

- By expertreviews.co.uk on

Size is largely relative and getting used to the iPhone 6 Plus takes a bit of time, particularly if you had an iPhone 5S. That smartphone was, by modern standards, quite small...