Smartphone giant Apple may not be able to realize its plan of selling used iPhones in India

In what could be said a major setback for the smartphone giant Apple, its idea to sell used iPhones in India is being challenged heavily by the rival players and this might mean Apple may not be able to realize its dream of entering the budgeted price section of the Indian smartphone market.

Apple has the idea that India is one of the fastest growing smartphone marketplace and gaining an edge over the competitors here may prove to be highly beneficial. It had formerly requested for permission to import and sell used iPhones in India which turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt after the environment ministry rejected its plea citing environmental reasons. This time again, Apple is trying hard to gain the permission while the rivals like Samsung, Karbonn, Micromax and a few others are against the move and rightly so, if used smartphones are imported, a lot of e-waste will be generated following the replacement of parts and that will contribute to the environment pollution. Furthermore, that would be a slap in the face of Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign. Sudhir Hasija, chairman of Karbonn Mobiles was seen quoting “Make in India could turn into Dump in India."

While the problem of e-waste is a big issue, Apple is ready with the answers to tackle this. A spokesperson claims that the company has been able to collect and recycle 85% of the smartphones produced seven years earlier and that this problem could be taken care of quite efficiently.

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