5 Best Camcorders under Rs 60000 in India

If you're looking for a top-notch digital video camera or camcorder or handycam under Rs. 60,000 price range for capturing high-quality videos, then you're at the right place. In this list, you could find the 5 best quality camcorders ranging from 30000 to 60000 rupees that are available to buy in India. Some of them even come with in-built projectors for maximum functionality.

1) Sony HDR-PJ410 Camcorder

  • It has no facility of Wi-Fi connection
  • The camcorder does not have any hard disk. Data is saved in the memory card of the device.
  • It has 2.7 inch LCD Screen and f/1.8 as well
  • Sony HDR-PJ410 Camcorder Camera has 9.2 Megapixels camera
  • The camcorder has HD support
  • Exmor R CMOS Sensor is also a feature of Sony HDR-PJ410

Sony HDR-PJ410 is made to capture all your memorable adventures and to later on enjoying them on the built-in projector. This video maker provides best quality videos. The videos cover all the minute details accurately. XAVC S recording format records up to 50 Mbps and enhances the quality of full HD images and reduce the noise. Advanced sound processor reduces all the noise for the crystal-clear audio. The camera never shakes or produces the blur result instead it produces clear shots every time. The camcorder can even record the view of a child running around the beach. With the use of Exmor R CMOS camcorder record and view the amazing videos in low light conditions.

You can enjoy its videos anywhere you want to. Its highlight movie maker feature captures the best scenes automatically.

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2) Sony HDR-CX405 Handycam

  • Camcorder does not work well in low light conditions
  • It has no external mic input
  • It captures Full HD Video with 9.2MP
  • Exmor R CMOS sensor and Bionz X Processor are used in it
  • Optical Steady Shot Image Stabilization is a main function of this camcorder
  • XAVC S Recoding, AVCHD and MP4 are the main features of Sony HDR-CX405
  • It has a view screen of 2.7" Flip-Out LCD

Sony HDR-CX405 Camcorder Camera has an Exmor R CMOS sensor with a wide-angle Carl Zeiss zoom lens. The lens zooms 30x optical zoom. CX-405 makes Full HD 1920x1080 video mostly at 60p and 9.2 MP.

The Exmor R CMOS sensor is helpful to increase the sensitivity even in low light conditions. You can view the images on 2.7" LCD display with a resolution of 230K dot. Camcorder records the video in AVCHD and MP4 formats to ensure high quality. The transfer of video to another source is made easy by the camcorder.

One can even record the AVCHD and MP4 formats simultaneously. Avchd enables us to enjoy the videos on a large screen HDTV. The camcorder is built to capture the memories on various occasions and bringing treasure for the lifetime. It has the facility of USB 2.0 cable that provides connection to the computer for the purpose of charging and transferring files. Charging through the USB is convenient and quick. MP4 is used to share your memories on social networks including Face book, twitter etc.

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3) Panasonic HC-V750 Camcorder

  • It produces low quality sound
  • It is better to use HDMI output is not to control the camcorder with the use of the smart phones.
  • Full HD videos up to 1920 x 1080
  • The Backside is Illuminate with the help of 6.03MP Image Sensor
  • Built-In Wi-Fi & One-Touch NFC Pairing
  • 20x Optical Zoom Lens & Four-Drive Lens
  • Crystal Engine Pro, 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S
  • Baby Monitor & Creative Control Modes
  • Full HD Slow-Motion Videos (120 Fps)

Panasonic HC-V750 Full HD Camcorder has the feature of Full HD 1920 x 1080 recordings. Advanced Level Shot Function and a 5 Axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilizer+ (O.I.S.+) are also its features. Off, Normal and Strong are the three-level settings which double the tilting correction ranging for better use during shooting. The new lens, sensor and engine are the common features of Panasonic HC-V750 Camcorder Camera. The engine helps to enhance the zooming and high sensitivity and it is 1.5 times faster than the other models for the high speed processing of MOS signals. It has 6.03 MP that delivers videos with high resolution. 4-drive lens is equipped to provide a powerful 20x optical zoom in the compact body size.

Advanced Level Shot Function, 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S lessens the special effects of hand movements and tilting. The range of tilting correction is now doubled to enhance the performance of the camcorder. Baby Monitor & Creative Control Modes are located.

There are three levels of settings i-e off, normal and strong that may depend on the shooting conditions. 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S and optical image stabilizer provides the powerful correction for the camcorder.

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4) Sony HDR-PJ670 Camcorder

  • Recording the 60p mode with a lot of sound delay and interruption is the fault i the camcorder
  • It has Full HD Recording.
  • Balanced Optical SteadyShotâ„¢ is used for the quality results
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & NFC are the main feature of camcorder
  • 30x Optical Zoom is used to focus the finest details of the event
  • 60x Extended Zoom, 32GB Memory and Built-in Projector

Sony HDR-PJ670 has a projector HD camcorder with a flash drive of 32 GB AND 30X optical zoom. The record can also be done at 24p (1080p @24fps). It has Full HD Recording. PJ670 has various inputs and outputs including the microphone, headphone and HDMI input for the projector and the output as well. It has Wi-Fi and NFC facility to ensure the transfer of files and data. It also helps to remote control the camcorder with the use of smart phone or tablet. It has 32GB memory. The projector is 200 inch in size. Projector-In HDMI input helps to connect your laptop to the camcorder and the play the movies from the camcorder's projector.

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5) Panasonic HC-X920M Camcorder

  • Optional 3D is limited as preceding flagship model
  • It has Class-leading image quality
  • It manually controls the movement of camcorder including lens focus ring
  • New Wi-Fi features are available

Panasonic HC-X920MGC Camcorder Camera is evolved from its predecessor famous as swift in the model. It has 12.76 MP and makes a total of 38.28 MP. One specification is never changed and that is optical zoom that is still 12x. Moreover, intelligent zoom is slightly changed from 23x to 25x. There is a new feature of Panasonic Hc-X90MGC and that is level shot function that has an internal sensor that indicates the virtual horizon on the screen and allows making a shot perfect and accurate. New innovated Wi-Fi is installed for the users to enjoy the facility of data transfer anytime and anywhere.

Panasonic HC-X920MGC Camcorder Camera also provides 20.4 mp in the mode of 16:9 and the resolution of approximately 6,016 X 3,384.

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