5 Best Digital SLR Cameras under Rs 30000

Now-a-days everyone is looking for photography of professional bent. At times, people were only relied on smartphones, but then they proceeded with the importance of DSLRs. Now, Digital SLRs are reaching the height of importance. The mirrorless cameras also have the importance of their own, but this time, the topic under discussion is about 5 best DSLR cameras that range under 30000 INR.

No doubt that there is a vast variety of DSLRs but what are the best one in the range of 30000, let’s have a look at detailed features of some companies given below. And one will be able to get the best one that you want. Surely, there is a bunch of companies who have made their mark for the production of best cameras but Cannon and Nikon being the oldest one’s is sure among the best ones.

1) Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera

  • Obviously if someone compares it with such cameras that have a high price, a person will come to know many cons, but still it is worth for the price.
  • There isn’t any flipping screen.
  • Only 150 photos can be captured by fully charged the battery, however, the number may increase with the help of viewfinder.
  • Full HD video recording
  • TFT LCD of 3inch
  • 24.2 MP
  • CMOS Image Sensor
  • 100 to 6400 ISO sensitivity
  • Focal length between 27 to 82.5 mm, equal to 35mm

The DX-Format or APS-C image CMOS sensor used in the Nikon D3200 DSLR makes it a great experience for entry-level users. EXPEED 3 is the processing engine which this device features and captures spectacular images. There's a special mode to Guide the users for using the camera features properly.

A very light weight, reliable and the easy-to-carry camera is none other than Nikon D3200. One should not worry about holding it or to use it, because this camera is designed in such a way that its button is placed in a very reliable mode for the users. The pictures delivered by Nikon D3200 are spectacularly natural and of decent texture because of having a resolution of 24.2 MP and an extravagant DX-format CMOS. In EXIF 2.3, DPOF, NEF (RAW), or in JPEF images are captured. Moreover, with the help of this wonderful Nikon DSLR one can record video of full HD. This DSLR is comprised of EXPEED 3 that can provide a user with the fastest speed and an impressive image. With its fast and reliable capturing one can capture continuously the moments without missing at almost 4 frames in a second. In addition to these entire features, a very good feature offered by D3200 is having 11 focus points with which someone can get a closely focused image. It also offers a lot of editing tools within a camera with the help of these tools one can make one’s picture even better.

The D3200 offered a sensitivity range of ISO between 100 and 6400. While someone is shooting in low light conditions, it can be made to 12800. By automatically observing the focus point and situation the auto selector of scene selects it automatically.

If someone wants to change camera settings, one can surely change it with the help of Nikon D3200 guide that offers a Guide Mode.

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2) Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera

  • average shutter speed of only 3FPS
  • No default focus motor
  • No wireless remote capability
  • Could only command in built flash
  • Couldn't focus during capturing of video
  • TFT LCD screen of 3 inch
  • Full HD video recording
  • 14.2 MP camera
  • Image sensor of CMOS
  • 100 to 3200 ISO sensitivity
  • FL between 18 and 55

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera is a DSLR of a marvelous level that offers someone to capture spectacular pictures and video recordings, with the help of a list of features. Thanks to this reliable and light in weight structure of D3100, that is highly portable. This DSLR offers you to hold it in that much reliable and relaxing mode that a user can easily use it. It also offers some new buttons like Live View, shutter release and many more of the type to make it use easily and reliably.

The Nikon D3100 comprise of 14.2 MP cameras. The images are shot in the format of JPEG and NEF. It offers VR lens of AF-S DX NIKKOR for spectacular and natural shooting. It contains 11 focus points with that helps you to capture fastest and precise moments.

This DSLR is of entry level and offers 100 to 3200 ISO settings, to capture clear pictures with less noise even when provided light conditions are low. The shutter speed offered by this camera is a maximum of 1/4000 seconds and at the minimum of almost 30 seconds. The Nikon D3100 offers the users to shot 3 frames in a second without any stop. In addition to all these features, this camera offers users different and reliable modes like manual, scene modes, self-timer mode, quite shutter release, single frame for shooting and a lot many more.

The Nikon D3100 offers you a guide mode, with the help of these mode users can change the internal settings of their camera with full ease.

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3) Canon EOS 1200D DSLR Camera

  • Although some features like Tilt-LCD are not that much friendly but still it should be in Canon 1200D
  • It also lacks Bluetooth, infrared resolution, and Wi-Fi.
  • A feature of spot metering is also not available in it.
  • Image Sensor of CMOS
  • 1600 ISO to 6400 ISO
  • 18 MP Camera
  • TFT screen of 3 inches (LCD)
  • Full HD video recording

If someone is going to use DSLR camera for the very first time, here is Canon EOS 1200D which is the marvelous camera of entry-level. The sensitivity range of EOS D1200D is ranging from 100 to 6400. Even the ISO range is almost up to 12800. To get the perfect shots, this ISO offers you to use it in a user-friendly way to capture the best moments with full ease.

Having the feature of Auto scene intelligent, Canon 1200D automatically set the settings in accordance with the scene. This camera can focus in an exquisite manner over brightness, color, contrast and a lot many more. A bunch of portraits like nature photos, night scenes, photos, etc. can be captured with the help of this Canon 1200D.

Grainy B/W, Fish-eye effect, Miniature effect, soft focus and Toy camera are five filters that are offered by Cannon 1200D. It contains almost 3 inch TFT screen having an almost 460K resolution supporting LCD monitor.

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4) Sony SLT-A58K DSLR Camera

  • Small screen having 2.7 inches and low pixel of 3.0 inches
  • Unable to grip on battery
  • Slightly expensive lens
  • 20.1 MP camera
  • On/Off Auto focus
  • Fast and continuous movie
  • Automatic framing of object

Sony DSLR is here to capture pure and real moments with high resolutions, precise and clarity in images. With the help of this camera one can easily shoot videos with the equal clarity that one get in images. It offers Apertures Priority, Shutter Priority and many other programs in order to explore features to make ones movie even better. Within a second one can capture 80 images. It contains 20.1 MP cameras. This camera is among the fastest cameras of globe that can capture a lot of images with continuity and precision. Because of having a Technology like Translucent Mirror, this SLT camera is capable of recording best moments of one’s life with a professional touch. This camera don’t ask user to use any kind of flash. Moreover it offers to make real images with low noise, good frame, and close focus.

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5) Canon EOS 1100D DSLR Camera

  • As compared to the features the price is little higher
  • Autofocus at night is not good at all
  • Blurred shots at low light conditions.
  • Can automatically set 100 ISO to 3200 ISO and can be expanded up to 6400
  • You can capture the pictures in any style that you want like Neutral, Faithful etc.
  • Having editing tools like Image Browser and Zoom Browser EX you can edit and cut the video in the form you want

The Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS sensor used by Canon gives clear and detailed pictures of high quality. The tonal range and pixels are the best in this price range. The quality of each pixel is efficiently maximized by using the technologies which professional cameras like EOS-1D Mark III introduced. The sensor size is 22.2 x 14.8 mm (APS-C) and it enhances the lens' focal length by 1.6X.

Images are processed quickly because of the DIGIC 4 technology which provides 3:2 aspect ratios, filters, S2 & S3 capturing. Pictures captured at 12.2 MP & 3 fps, and 14-bit processing is easily handled by the DIGIC 4 processor. Efficient gradation of image, live face detection, full HD capturing and recording, light and lens optimization are some other key features. A 63 zonal dual layer sensor by Canon is being used by EOS Rebel T3 which produces accurate results through smart processing of colors and brightness. Exposure and focus errors are low due to color measurement technique applied by the metering sensor. Stable exposure is obtained in both bright and low lights.

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