Best Gears to Build a Home Theater in Low Budget

Season of entertainment is on the rise. So who doesn’t yearn to savor the upcoming comedy & action movies, rocking music, and YouTube videos? The best way to roister is to establish a home theater that can furnish you a spectacular cinematic experience.

A home theater system is a complete audiovisual system with television and speakers that enables the users to sit and relish the picturesque environment created at their homes. For building a successful home theater, it’s indeed necessary that all the required components are available to the user at an affordable rate and are also connected suitably.

Given below is a list of elements needed to assemble a home theater:

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It is a combination of audio amplifier and audio/video switching device. So, probably you can say it to be the hardest working element, working as a processor and amplifier. It can receive inputs for all the audio and video sources and can give output to speakers and monitors/televisions.

A/V RECEIVER reviews

Ahuja DPA- 370 30 W AV Control Amplifier is one such stereo receiver that can be duly used for home theater. It comes with its own remote control. It is available on Flipkart at the rate of INR 4925.


There is wide range of options available in this case like DVD/CD player, Blu Ray Disc Player, Internet etc. DVD players of companies like Philips and Panasonic are available under the range of INR 2500 at Flipkart. The buyer may choose any of these as per their convenience. Integrating online media content can be done with the help of Blu- Ray Disc Player which has the capability play Blu- Ray/ DVD and CD discs along with WiFi connectivity.

DVD/CD player reviews

Sony BDP-S1500 Blu-Ray Disc Player is one such Blu- Ray disc that can be used. It is available on Amazon at the rate of INR 6150. It is being awarded 4 stars by the buyers.

Buying an internet enabled TV is undoubtedly a high cost approach.


Projector is an optical device that displays your pictures and videos in a magnificent style. Choosing a projector is surely an important task; along with an optimal display unit, it should also be cost- effective.


UNIC UC46 Portable Entertainment Projector is one such projector that can be used. It has a built in WiFi connectivity, so this will rule out your requirement of buying a Blu- Ray Disc. This projector is available on Amazon at INR 4872. It is being awarded 3.5 stars by the buyers.


This becomes a necessary component to use, if you are employing a projector for building your home theater. The screen should be such that it properly reflects the light from the projector and refrains from straining the viewers’ eyes.


Inlight Map Type Projector Screen, 6 W x 4 H is one such option. It is available on Amazon at INR 1570. It is being awarded 4.7 stars by the buyers.


This is an alternative. One could either use projector & screen or television to build a complete home theater. Today most of the people own a LED/LCD TV with a kickass picture quality. Still if you are in search of one, here’s an option:


Micromax 60cm HD Ready LED TV is available on Flipkart at INR 9290. It is being awarded 4 stars by the buyers. Sounds economically worthy, right?


This is certainly the most wanted entity for building a home theater….. Who does not crave for loud sound to boast and show off? To experience the magic of fine acoustics, it is essential to look for a congruous speaker and woofer which can set you in twirl- whirl automatically ;)


Truvison SE-5045 is one such option. This comes packed with a sub woofer (specialized speaker that reproduces the extreme low frequencies present in movies or music), thereby eliminating the need to buy a separate one. It is available on Flipkart at INR 4299. It is being awarded 4.5 stars by the buyers.

6. HDMI cables

HDMI stands for high- definition multimedia interface. HDMI is the intelligent, all-digital interface that delivers both dazzling quality and unmatched ease of use. HDMI technology transmits crystal-clear digital video, multi-channel surround audio, and advanced control data through a single cable.

HDMI cables reviews

Technotech HDMI Cable is available on Flipkart at INR 265. It is being awarded 4 stars by the buyers.

Patently, after selecting all the best units for building a home theater, proper installation and connection is must.

All the components briefed above can be afforded; bearing is mind that one is planning to get a Home Theater.

Although there are multitudinous varieties available for each of the above mentioned entities, sorting out and adopting the best is the major task. Entertainment is a principal aspect, but budget and quality is expected to go hand- in- hand.

So, dear friends, what are you waiting for? Forge your own home theater at an economical budget…. Catch your bucket of popcorn & snacks and experience the wonders of viewing with loud sound and better pictures. Because not everyone is jammy to get the feel of a theater, don’t forget to brag about your upcoming cinematic life. Wish you a happy buying for your home theater system.

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