Best Projector under Rs 30000

Projectors are the optical devices with multitude features and functionalities. There are many uses for projectors, from home entertainment to creating a multimedia presentation for large mass of people.

With a clear picture and sound quality, a good projector has a knack to showcase your mission in a well- defined approach. Along with the various offered specifications, the projector should also fall under your budget. Hence, a premier projector is the one that only pictures your aim magnificently but is also under the range that could be easily afforded by the general public. So people, here we have “Sony VPL- DX102” with all the requisite information aiming to fulfill the required characteristics of a sterling projector.

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What is Sony VPL- DX102?

Sony VPL is an economical desktop projector for office, classroom and home under the best suited range of Rs.30000.

The Sony VPL- DX102 is packed with features optimized for the business and education markets at a reasonable price. It is packed with scores of features that enable you to throw a grand impression on your audience.


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Key features of Sony VPL- DX102

1. It is compact, light- weight and has a stylish design

Sony VPL- DX102 has a compact body which is light- weighted. It has a small footprint of approximately 315*75*230.5 mm and a weight of nearly 2.5 Kg. Such features are compatible for carrying around a meeting room or a classroom.

2. Energy efficient and long lasting lamp of 10,000 hours

The lamp driver with the optimum control over wattage of light achieves a long lasting lamp life of 10000 hours. The recommended extension of lamp life is up to 43%.

3. Advanced energy- saving features

This projector has advanced lamp technology that enables it to have energy saving features. For example, brightness could be automatically controlled in case the projector is left on without being used. During projection, Auto Lamp Mode automatically adjusts light output to suit the projected scene. When you need to mute the picture temporarily, light output can be completely deactivated to minimize energy consumption.

4. High Image quality 3LCD BrightERa natural and vivid color images

With XGA resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio, Sony VPL- DX102 has various picture modes for optimizing image quality. Thanks to the optical system projecting three basic colours constantly, the projector offers excellent light efficiency, ensuring bright and colorful images with sharp contrast. Such features make it great in its class.

5. Various picture modes and for optimal picture quality

Sony VPL- DX102 offers 6 different picture modes such as Dynamic, Standard, Presentation, Blackboard, Game and Cinema. With these six picture modes and three brightness modes, the user can select the best picture/ brightness combination to create optimal image.

Pros and Cons of Sony VPL- DX102

  • Connectivity with USB is not possible since output connections supported are HDMI, VGA.
  • Resolution is of XGA type even when higher grades are available
  • Projector is wired
  • Available only in white color
  • Low lumens availability, especially in a well- lit room
  • Manual focusing mechanism
  • It is monaural and comes with only with speaker
  • Zooming can be done only up to 1.2x
  • Light weight and stylish design
  • 6 picture modes for optimal and vivid images
  • Good throw ratio ranging form 1.47 to 1.77
  • Increased panel reliability and color reproducibility
  • Less than 35 dB noise level
  • Long lamp life up to 10000 hours. Can be extended up to 43% as recommended by the company
  • LCD display type with suitable light output
  • Connectivity is compatible with many devices like laptop, pendrive

Who's this for?

This multi- featured projector can be used for business documents and presentations, e-classroom teaching, home theater for pictures and videos. With the combination of various picture and brightness modes, one can get fine image quality. With the pertinent use of colours and BrightEra technology, the projector furnishes precise images with high resolution and contrast, well- suited for any occasion.

Wrapping it up

Sony VPL- DX102 is the best projector available under Rs.30k. With it’s impressive display features and advanced lamp technology, this projector deliver captivating presentations in every kind and size of venue. It is easy to use and highly reliable, and thus ideal for education, business, professional and personal use.

Sony’s cutting-edge BrightEra panel delivers improved panel light resistance, high resolution and high brightness along with increases panel reliability.

High color reproducibility is crucial especially when you are using colorful contents, such as materials used in classrooms. So, we assume that this projector will patently prove to be the best buy under your budget.

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Alternative product

Sony VPL- DX122

Sony VPL- DX122

This is the advanced projector with a cost around Rs.35000. It has more lumens and other upgraded features in comparison to Sony VPL DX102. However, the latter is usually preferred since it offers many features under a reasonable cost. Sony VPL- DX100, precedent of Sony VPL- DX102 has now been discontinued by Sony.

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