How to decide what to spend on

To provide a definitive guide to allow the interested people in making the right choice to select the Air Conditioner that wouldn’t cost them a living and would still be a good choice for the preferred room.


Summer time, The most fun time of the year when a lot of families plan a nice little get-together or maybe you just plan to go out somewhere; but based on stats, most of the people prefer staying home due to the heat. Now, we can’t really go ask the sun to reduce the heat but we surely can get an Air Conditioner to help us deal with the summer while we are at home.

The hardest task when buying an AC is to select the model that you should be buying and since the international and local markets compete with each other to provide us with their best possible products, it is really a daunting task to be able to select one AC from the huge range available.

For some people it’s a complex decision as their budget limits their needs and hence here’s a small guide that could help you select the best possible AC for your room without trying to hurt your wallet. There are a few things that are to be considered and here’s the list:

These 4 are the main things we’ll be considering but there are few child characteristics that we’ll know about later in this post.

Room Size

Most buyers don’t consider this as an important step but this is the most important part when selecting an AC, you might not have a budget limit but if you buy the most expensive AC for room that’s really big and the AC cannot generate enough power for this room then you just wasted a lot of money. Instead of going into too detail about the room’s size let’s divide the room sizes into 3 categories

  • Small Sized - A bedroom for example
  • Medium Sized - The lobby of a really small hotel
  • Large Sized - The Master or Premium Suite of a hotel

These should be enough to identify the approx. size of the room you want the AC to be installed in, Once you have the size selected, we need to select an AC if by any chance you know the exact dimensions you could use a tonnage calculator online to identify the required capacity of the AC, but in case you don’t really know the dimensions then the above 3 categories should do. The Tonnage of ACs available can go up to 6-7 Ton and maybe even more, but these are not necessary for a normal user. Based on the above 3 categories, these are the capacities you should be looking for.

  • Small to Medium sized Room - 1 to 1.5 Ton Capacity
  • Medium to Large Sized Room - 1.5 to 2 Ton Capacity
  • Large Sized and Above - 2 to 7 Ton Capacity

But, since we won’t be setting up an entire 7 star hotel lobby, 2 to 3 ton AC should work fine and saves enough on your wallet.

Available Space

Just because you have a huge AC doesn’t mean you could place it anywhere you’d like too. There has to be dedicated spacing available for the AC so that we don’t create an impact on the Air Conditioner and reduce its efficiency. Some modern architects already do the job of making such dedicated space for the AC but it’s not a bad idea to check with the AC Company if the positioning wouldn’t impact the other devices.

The best place to place the AC is somewhere away from the other devices and the external part of the AC should be placed in a nice shaded area to avoid the heat to reduce the quality of the filter. There is nothing much I can say about this, because it all depends on the space you have left around in the room which will differ from one person’s room to the other.


Most of you were waiting for this but there is nothing I need to tell about the budget because once you have the capacity or the tonnage of the AC decided, you can figure out which one you want based on your budget without any problem. I would like to give a small tip though which will help you in selecting almost any device.

Pick a budget range of difference of just 10,000 Rupees and make a list of all the AC’s in this range. Now, once you have this list, all you have to do is compare the features. If you are using an Online Market or E- Commerce site then there are chances that the site provides a comparing application that you could use to decide which provides more functionality at the perfect price. If you want this task simplified for you, you can find a few articles about the best ACs in your budget range on this same website; go through them and you can decide easily.

Power Resources

You have the size, you have the budget and you have the AC selected but this wouldn’t be enough. The power being supplied to your house might differ and if the voltage required by the AC is not being received by it then there are chances it will hurt the remaining electrical appliances and we don’t want that to happen. So make sure while comparing the products you also make a note of the power resources that they use. This will help you save the other appliances.

To conclude this guide, I would like to help you with another small tip that would reduce your electric bills a little. Since the Energy Star technology and ratings exist in almost all the countries now, it shouldn’t be a problem in deciding which saves you more electricity. A star rating of 3-5 is the optimal rating that one should select while buying an AC and this will not only provide energy saving but these ratings are given on only properly tested Air Conditioners so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the AC as well. Go get an Air Conditioner now and start cutting the heat for the next many years to come.

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