Refrigerators are widely considered to be the most indispensable part of the kitchen. No longer is it an item of luxury. In this world of fast pace, food habits of the society have taken a hit. As a result, everyone needs a refrigerator for preserving the nutrition and the freshness of their food items. Not only common households, even businesses and offices needs refrigerators for their daily needs.

In a country like India, where the hot and humid climate is a norm, refrigerators play a vital role. Not only refrigerators help in preventing the food from getting spoilt but also helps in storing your favorite beverages and desserts. Relishing upon such delicacies has been made possible only because of the refrigerators!

Thus, it becomes extremely important to choose a refrigerator that aptly suits your needs. Gone are the days when picking refrigerators meant going to the stores and buying anything that the agents recommended. In case you’re purchasing a new refrigerator or considering to replace your old ones, this guide will prove to be a boon for you. Through our research, we have come up with the following guides for buying refrigerators best suited to your needs.


Keep your needs in your mind

It’s quite easy to get confused while buying, given the number of choices present in the market. Thus, it becomes important to figure out your needs and choose accordingly. A wide variety of choices like a top freezer, bottom freezer, French doors is available in the market. Readers are advised to make a choice according to their budget and not be overwhelmed by extra features.

Remember that refrigerators are an item of necessity. Thus, limiting your choices to the utility of the refrigerators are going to help you in the long run. However, if style and design are a major concern for you then you may pick up from a plethora of stylish refrigerators available in the market.

Check features

Always check the feature of the refrigerator before buying. Given below are some features that need to be checked before you get your new fridge.

  • Look for a quieting system: This helps in keeping the operations of your refrigerator as quiet as possible so that you can have a good night’s sleep
  • Shelves: Look for sturdy quality shelves made op of tempered or acrylic glasses.
  • Separators: Separators allows you to separate fruits and veggies from one another.
  • Chiller: This is essential in case you require ice at a short notice.
  • Child locks: Keep your children safe and be assured that children have access only under your supervision.
  • LED Lighting


Size is another aspect that needs to be taken care of. Choose a refrigerator that complements the size of your kitchen or drawing room. Make sure that no adjacent walls or cabinets come in contact with the swing of the door. Always keep at least an inch of spacing around the fridge to prevent overheating by allowing airflow all the time. Buying an oversized refrigerator that crams up your room is never a good choice in any scenario. Thus, keep the size of the fridge minimal to avoid congestions in your house or workplace.

Keep track of your feeding habits or daily consumption

Different families have different feeding or food storing habits. Some families buy groceries daily and some like to buy in bulk and store such food for weeks. In case you fall into the second category, then it is advisable to buy a refrigerator with huge storage capacity.

If you want a refrigerator for your office, then you require a lot of space to keep sodas and other beverages needed by the employees for daily consumption. Offices require a lot of junk food storage. Thus, it is advisable to buy refrigerators with a lot of spaces to store such items.

Energy Guides

Energy guides are a great way to keep a check on your energy consumption. Refrigerators are usually rated on a level of 1 to 5. A 5 rated appliance means that it consumes the least electricity. This means that you have to pay fewer electricity bills every month.

However, using only the Energy Stars may not be sufficient in determining the energy uses. Buyers must analyze the annual operating costs as well as compare the kilowatts-hours per year to a clearer picture. This will help in in reducing costs without compromising on the efficiency.

Extra Features

Several brands have started to provide refrigerators with many non-conventional features. Features like water dispenser and the ice maker have become a norm. Apart from these, various companies have come up with the concept of Smart-Refrigerators.

By spending a few extra bucks, you can get home a brand new Smart-Refrigerator. These refrigerators are loaded with features such as texting abilities, LCD touchscreens, and even Wi-Fi reception! Although, these features may not be liked by all, but they are certainly there to keep the utility and entertainment quotient afloat. These fridges come with energy efficient technology to keep you energy consumption in check. If the price is not a concern then these fridges are a must to have in your house.

With daily advancement in technology and addition of latest features, buying a new refrigerator may require a lot of head scratching and brainstorming. Just keep you needs and the above mentioned points in mind while buying a refrigerator best suited to your needs. Always remember, that you’re buying the refrigerator to take care of your needs for at least 5 years, so choose wisely.

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