How about a change in the Facebook Like button? Would you want to try out some more emojis?

Facebook is trying out a new feature called ‘Reactions’ on its social media site in order to provide the users with better experience while on the site and express their feelings more accurately. A number of tweaks are planned and you could soon see a change in the look and function of the Like button, among many other additions.

Chris Cox, the Chief Product Officer at Facebook revealed that the new changes would come into effect within a few weeks and besides liking a status, users would also be able to show other expressions along with it. For example, you can show emotions like angry, sad, haha, wow and love when you like a status. The emotions would be animated to some extent and if you select the angry emoji, the emoticon will turn into red.

The new feature update will allow the users to make more appropriate comments aided by proper emoticons. For example, if a person posts an update featuring the death of a family member or a pet, or a sad incident, it would not be appropriate to ‘Like’ it, but the new features will allow the user to express their emotions with the available emoticons wherein you can use the sad emoji to show your emotional state. Facebook plans to experiment with the Like feature a bit, but that is a bit difficult given the universal status of the Like button.

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