Dell Latitude 11 series to replace Venue Pro Tablets

Dell has ruled out any further production of Dell Venue Pro tablets and planned to standardize on the Dell Latitude 11 series. This statement was made by a company spokesperson at CES 2016. That officially meant that the Dell Latitude 11 series will take over the area of notebooks and convertibles.

Both the Dell Venue and Latitude tablets carry almost the same design, but vary widely on the specs. The Latitude 11 5000 is a 10.8 inch 2 in 1 convertible tablet with full HD display. Dell is using core-M series on the tabs and this particular model can be configured with a Skylake based core m3 or m5 processor. A USB type-C connector is a new addition to the latest model which also allowing charging via it, thus removing the need of a micro USB port. It can also be used to connect external monitors and various other peripherals.

The Latitude 11 5000 series is expected to release by the second week of February 2016 with an estimated starting price of $749. The RAM capacity will have options of 4 GB and 8 GB while the internal memory will be fixed at 512 GB. Speculations are that this model will be a good competition to the Microsoft’s Surface 3 and Surface 4 models, both of which have created great uproar when it comes to customer satisfaction and reviews.

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