A Smartphone for Rs. 251! Really?

Only about 10 days ago we had a wide-speculated rumor doing the rounds on printed and digital media about an Indian company selling smartphones for under Rs. 500; reminded us of the days many years back when a leading telecom company offered CDMA phones at a price of only Rs. 500! Then we further heard that the phone costs only Rs. 251 which was a bit hard to believe. One morning, the whole nation woke up with the hopes of booking one or more smartphones for themselves as soon as booking started in the morning. The vendor company, ‘Ringing Bells’, had a dedicated website freedom251.com for the buyers to book their ‘Freedom 251’ mobiles in advance.

With a 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory, this 4.2 inch smartphone comes with a 3.2 MP primary camera and 0.3 MP front facing camera. The battery capacity is 1450 mAh, enough to last a day in normal conditions. Not many people had the luck of booking the Freedom 251 smartphone on the first day due to the large number of visitors on the site and the company had to suspend the booking till the next day. The coming day, bookings resumed but the buyers were not asked to make the payment and were instructed that they will receive a payment link in under 48 hours’ time; though we haven’t heard anyone has received the payment link yet.

Ultimately, the phone is available at a dirt-cheap price for any specification it can offer and so buying it can mean that the phone is almost free of cost. But the concern for the whole country is that the company selling this phone is not properly registered and the whole thing looks like a big scam where the company takes in the money, promises to deliver the phone in 4 months, cancels the orders at the last minute and refunds the money without interest while gaining itself thousands of crores in the process as the interest earned for the whole money.

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