Future iPhones may self-clean themselves

Now we do not guarantee this, but Apple has been awarded a patent in which a phone self-cleans and self-heals itself of some problems, including drying itself. All this may be possible when the smartphone detects that you are not using it for a while and it would be smart enough to utilize the idle time into healing itself.

Known as the ‘Automated Maintenance of an Electronic Device’, the patent files in July 2014 by Apple will enable an iPhone to run automatic diagnostics overnight while you take your nap. It will also check whether your iPhone is running smooth with all its operations like camera, making calls and connecting to the internet. It is almost a surety that iPhone 7 is not getting this feature since it may take some time for the technology to be associated with the phones, but nevertheless, iPhone 7 would already be water resistant like the Apple iPhone 6 and 6S are for up to an hour under water. The new technology will also enable the phone to get rid of water from its speakers in case it manages to enter.

While this is not the first technology that Apple has patented, it is doubtful we would be able to see it soon in the iPhones, but the ray of hope is that since the company has worked on and patented on it, we may expect it soon on the upcoming smartphones of Apple Inc.

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