Healthbox from HTC – One of a kind fitness Wearable

HTC is all set to enter the market of fitness wearables this January. The company recently unveiled the ‘Healthbox’, a one of its kind fitness wearable system that only monitors your health 24X7, but also presents the stats in the best way possible.

The fitness band is expected to be released in the US market on the 22nd day of January this year; it is also supposed to be making a debut in India in January, but a date is not confirmed. It is worthy to mention that HTC had earlier planned to come out with a similar device called ‘Grip’, but that didn’t work out somehow and now they have partnered with Under Armour to present the all new and elegant UA Healthbox. It would be compatible with both the Android and iOS devices to seamlessly integrate and show the user dashboard with all the appropriate fitness data.

Healthbox will be a universal way for people, both athletes and regular exercisers, to track their physical fitness and form. The whole system comprises of three items; a fitness band, a heart rate monitor and a smart scale. It is a connected fitness system that will measure, monitor and manage all the aspects including your sleep, fitness, nutrition and activity. It is programmed to monitor and present the relevant data in the best way possible and keep you en-route your health goals.

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