‘Hey Cortana’ feature suspended from Android phones in the US

It took Microsoft no more than a few days to realize that the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature for android devices would be an interruption to Google Now’s feature ‘OK Google’. The result, the digital assistant Cortana is temporarily disabled from Android phones until a compatibility solution is found out.

A Microsoft Spokesperson has come out to clear that as per the reviews of various android users in the US, Cortana was conflicting with the Android voice search feature ‘OK Google’ and would be temporarily inactivated till the company manages to find a solution for both of them to co-exist.

The Google Now feature will remain intact with the android devices. While Cortana for Android was introduced just in the US and China and the other functions continue to exist, the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature for the US market has been stopped for a while.

Now, the move from Microsoft brings another decision in the radar of uncertainty; would the Indian Android users get the gift of Cortana as announced by Microsoft this November? The company was supposedly working on Cortana to make it richer from the point of view of understanding and responding to Indian accent, culture, common words, even festivals! So there are speculations that this project would be on hold until they find a solution for Cortana and Google Now to exist on the same platform at the same time.

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