India sees the installation of 29,000 new mobile towers in 2015

Acting as per the directions of Telecom Ministry to curb call drops in India, various private Telecom operators have managed to install as many as 29,000 new mobile towers throughout the country. This action came into force after a directive from Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking the Telecom Ministry to take proper steps in this regard.

The Telecom Ministry, active at the commands of the PM, then instructed the private telecom players to look into the matter of call drops properly or be ready to face the consequences in terms of huge fines. As per Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, all the private sector telecom giants have acted as per the directions and collectively installed 29,000 mobile towers all over the country while 2,200 of them have been installed in the capital alone. Public sector BSNL has installed 4,500 towers in the country while MTNL has installed 28 in Delhi.

The call quality and drops across the country are being monitored by the telecom ministry that plans to take strict action against the call drops and this makes the telecom operators very keen on improving their services on a day to day basis. TRAI and the Department of Telecom are working jointly to monitor and handle any such issue. The fines for any irregularities may range up to INR 1 Lakh for the first time and up to 2 Lakhs per day from the second breach onwards.

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