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The LG G4, the latest flagship smartphone from LG comes with impressive specifications and features like its predecessor G3. It has got a stunning display, very impressive camera (with professional level features and great controls), powerful hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor with 3 GB RAM and an ample internal storage with microSD support of up to 128 GB. LG G4 runs on the latest Android OS v5.1 (Lollipop).

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  • No major issues
  • No build-in wireless charging
  • Average battery
  • Excellent camera (pro-level features)
  • Great camera controls
  • Bright and crystal clear screen
  • Removable battery
  • MicroSD card slot
- By CNET on

Though it feels too similar to last year's G3, the LG G4 is an excellent big-screen smartphone that will appeal to budding photographers, and has old-school....

- By techradar on

LG is driving toward a cinema-industry standard of color perfection known as Digital Cinema Initiatives or DCI. It touts LG G4 as 98% DCI compliant, while the....

- By engadget on

LG's 2015 flagship has a lot going for it, including a lovely pair of cameras and a screen that promises to be the.....

- By Trusted Reviews on

The LG G4's chipset uses ARM's big.LITTLE architecture. This means one processor is used to perform intensive tasks while....


The LG G4 screen is bold and beautiful however, and its unique design - particularly the leather version - may well attract Android die-hards who think the Galaxy S6 looks a bit too 'Apple'....

- By ExpertReviews on

LG may not have the sharpest screen in the business any more, but its secret weapon is undoubtedly its brand new IPS Quantum panel.....


The G4 is really for the Android diehard, the person that loves the Galaxy S6's camera and performance, but can't imagine living with a phone that doesn't have a removable battery or Micro SD card slot.....

- By Pocket-lint on

The G4 is evidently brighter, at 100 per cent brightness with auto switched off, while colours - in particular the reds - are far punchier than the older handset....


The G4 has a fantastic screen and a camera capable of taking on Samsung and Apple's finest and not being cowed....

- By Mobile Tech Review on

LG has made a very big deal of their new 16 megapixel rear camera in the G4. Like the LG G3 It has laser autofocus....


Low-light shooting is perhaps the best available on any smartphone at this point and time, but there is a catch....

- By Phone Arena on

LG wants us to feel the great, and to that degree, they've succeeded in bringing the phone a new finish that's sophisticated. But more importantly, they want us to see the great...


The LG G4 is a phablet that has everything that a heavy-duty android user will demand from their phone and then some more....

- By PC PRO on

The LG G4's design, certainly in terms of its basic shape and the placement of the controls, breaks no new ground. The rear is still gently curved and fits in your hand nicely. The volume and power buttons still reside in the centre of the rear panel...

- By PC World on

Like LG's G3, the G4's Android skin employs a relatively flat, inoffensive design that's light on excessive customization. The G4 is also light on pre-installed bloatware, and overall I give LG kudos for letting its Android phone....

- By littlegreenrobot.co.uk on

It is incredibly difficult to do anything different in the smartphone world, but LG have pulled it off with a mix of daring design and upgrades to key features. These include things that everyone can appreciate, such as the stunning display and tricked-out camera...

- By Know Your Mobile on

The LG G4 might not be the loudest and jazziest thing in the world but it is a solid handset that does everything you'd expect and a whole lot more. Pick one up and use it for a week or two and you'll know what I'm talking about...

- By What Mobile on

Battery life is on a par with most other smartphones on the market. On more intensive days with regular WhatsApp, RunKeeper, Spotify and CityMapper usage, we had to reach for the charger within 10 hours of use...

- By Neowin on

If you want a truly unique smartphone, the LG G4 is among the best Android devices available on the market today, and I would highly recommend going for the leather version. If other flagship devices haven't quite hit the mark for you...