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Lumia 640, the much anticipated mid-range smartphone from Microsoft features both dual-SIM LTE and dual-SIM 3G models. As compared to its predecessor model 635, Lumia 640 comes with an upgraded 5 inch 720p display with Gorilla Glass 3 for better scratch resistance and Glance screen. Apart from its old snapdragon 400 quad-core CPU with 1.2 GHz, Lumia 640 has got an excellent 8-megapixels camera on its rear side which is currently the best quality camera of this price range.

flipkart store Lumia 640 price and availability Rs. 9,999

  • under-stocked app store
  • Front camera ( poor resolution )
  • Impressive Camera (Best for this price)
  • Excellent Display (Best for this price)
  • Lumia camera apps
  • 12 months free subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal included
  • Value for money
  • Decent Battery life
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The Microsoft Lumia 640 is a compact, feature-rich affordable 5-inch mobile that showcases the best of Microsoft's mobile apps and productivity tools.....

- By TechAdvisor on

Microsoft does budget phones incredibly well, and with almost an identical spec this Lumia 640 is the Moto G of the Windows world.....

- By CNET on

The great screen and camera make the Lumia 640 a brilliant phone for anyone on a budget who wants an alternative to Android so long as you aren't too bothered about apps....

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Microsoft Lumia 640 review: glorious screen, smart camera tech and impressively awesome value for money make this a great phone for all....

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The only downside is that the screen isn't particularly bright. With a peak white level of 376.11cd/m2, you'll need to keep it on maximum brightness when using the phone ....

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Microsoft packs a lot of power in the potent, pocketable Lumia 640. This Windows Phone handset offers more bang for the buck than most other handsets in Cricket's varied lineup......

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The Microsoft Lumia 640 is a decent attempt by the company, but it falters in the face of stiff competition from more affordable Android counterparts.....

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The Lumia 640 is a powerful midrange device that offers great bang for your buck. Microsoft has finally learned from its mistakes with the previous generations of Lumia devices, and now provides a device that competes very well....

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The Microsoft Lumia 640 continues the Nokia tradition for solid, well-built devices that do what they need to well enough without breaking the bank.....

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With the Lumia 640, the specification is good enough, the form factor competitive enough and the price often still within typical 'budget' bounds....

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Battery life may be one of the greatest deciding factors when purchasing a phone. Your phone can have more RAM than a computer or the Hubble Telescope as a camera but....


Microsoft has expanded its Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia family and is restructuring its mid-range with the Lumia 640. Though this device might be the numerical successor to the 630, it follows far more...

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Microsoft's latest budget Lumia 640 doesn't quite look like its £120 price-tag - and that's a good thing. The 640 comes equipped with a bright 5-inch, 720p display that's clear and crisp, and does the job well....

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The Microsoft Lumia 640 presents tremendous value for money, particularly once you factor in all the extras, but dated innards and an uninspiring design don't do it any favours....

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The SoC features four cores and runs at a maximum of 1.2 GHz, which is good enough for smooth performance overall. Windows Phone 8.1 is a pretty frugal OS in the first place, however. Some applications....


Microsoft has adorned the Lumia 640 in a replaceable plastic shell. My review unit came in black, but you've also got the choice of orange, cyan and white. The plastic itself feels closer to the quality of a smartphone like the Nexus 5, rather than some of the flimsier devices on the market....