Now, make transactions via Twitter

Microblogging site Twitter has uplifted its services and getting ready to allow monetary transactions via it in some days’ time. The company plans to experiment on a platform where you can pay utility bills with just a tweet.

Twitter, in collaboration with a India based start-up, has come out with a plan to allow its users to make transactions, book appointment and inquire about services; all by just tweeting a message to @lookuplite. Lookup lets consumers and retailers chat face to face by direct messages. This company has listed merchants from New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and over 1.2 million registered users.

Lookup uses the location of the users via Google Maps to provide them a list of retailers in their area, omitting the traditional way of requiring a phone number. It uses Twitter’s APIs to facilitate all the operations. At this moment, users can via stuffs from local retailers with the help of Twitter’s BUY button, in the future, transactions will be carried on offline with much lesser involvement of Twitter. Twitter has a number of other plans in the pocket that would be revealed one by one, online banking via Twitter being one of them.

Currently, these services will be limited to fewer cities, but more places will soon benefit from the move.

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