Microsoft planning to come out with the next version of Surface phones in 2017

Microsoft is planning to launch its next Surface phone by the year 2017 with a number of upgrades. Reportedly, there would be three variants of the same Surface model. There is no official announcement, but rumors have them!

The upcoming smartphone is being looked after by the same team that has previously worked on the Surface Pro and Surface Book; a team of able-minded professionals headed by Panos Panay. Reportedly, the Surface phone with its three variants will target three different user bases, the consumers, business users and the tech-enthusiasts. As for the price segment, nothing is clear at this point, but most probably the upcoming Surface smartphones would also be tagged on the higher side given the fact that the brand has always targeted the high-end segment.

There is no word on the specifications of the Surface phone to be released in 2017, but there are huge speculations pertaining to it owing to the fact that the Lumia handsets have failed to impress the marketplace. Microsoft had recently released its Lumia 650 into the Indian market, but it didn’t bring much glory to the makers. The Windows 10 mobile OS is still in the making and may need quite a bit of time before things get straight for it. So in the meantime, it’s all about Surface that the company needs to target and if its features fail to lure the buyers, the company may be in deep mess. And who knows, maybe the company plans to keep getting only the Surface forward and stop with the other models!

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