Now you can reply to Google Hangouts messages from the notification screen without opening the app

In a much needed attempt to revitalize the chat app from Google, the Hangouts Android app is ready to receive some major updates that will allow users to do more with Hangouts. The most remarkable feature would be the option to reply to a Hangouts message directly from the notification screen without having to open the app. There are a number of other major and minor changes too.

The new update will be numbered Hangouts 7.0 wherein the user can reply to a Hangouts message from the notification screen without opening the app. This should be noted that this quick reply feature would be available only if there is a single message; if there are multiple messages from different recipients, it would not be functional as all the messages will be clubbed together.

The latest Hangouts update is planned to save a lot of time for the users as the features show. Along with the option to reply directly to a message, users will have the ability to create conversation shortcuts on the home screen; similar to what is available in WhatsApp and Facebook. Some minor tweaks pertaining to the looks and feel of the app are also being planned and you would be able to see them in the upcoming release.

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