Perhaps the best time to buy a Motorola Moto X Force

Though the Motorola Moto X Force has been performing quite well in all aspects, the sudden cut on the price tag comes as noting less than a huge surprise, a very pleasant one. This shatterproof smartphone is available at a huge discount exclusively on Flipkart and we are almost sure this isn’t supposed to last long given the demand.

The price cut on the Motorola Moto X Force is effective on both the 32 GB and 64 GB variants of the smartphone as both of these are now easier on the pocket by a hefty Rs. 15,000. While the 32 Gb version is now available at Rs 34,999 instead of the previous price Rs 49,999 while the 64 GB version will be now available at Rs. 37,999 instead of its older price Rs 53,999., discount of Rs. 16,000 on the launch price. The deals are available only via the Flipkart India website.

Moto X Force comes with a 5.4-inch QuadHD flexible P-OLED display and can endure falls easily, thanks to the company’s ShatterShield technology. In order to make the deal stronger and for more people to opt for the phone, Motorola is also offering a 4-year warranty on its screen.

As of now, the deal is on and there is no official date of when it may end, so it would be a great idea to go for it instantly and losing on such an opportunity.

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