Samsung launches 3 new variants of Samsung Gear S2

In a move that may target more and more customers towards the smartwatch section, Samsung has launched three new variants of the already in-market Samsung Gear S2. With this, the total number of color options available for you to buy has rose to five. Also increased are the number of apps supported by these smartwatches. Your style quotient is bound to take a leap if you happen to own one of these.

The three new variants of Samsung Gear S2 include two premium versions in 18K Rose Gold and Platinum finishes while there is also a regular White color regular model to go for. The premium Gears are priced higher owing to their rich looks and functionality. The Gear S2 is a sleek and beautiful piece of art and is high on technology. The premium models with classic looks can be availed at a price of Rs. 34,900 while the White model can be availed at a moderate amount of Rs. 24,300 in the Indian marketplace. Many retailers, both online and offline, are into the sales of the newly launched models of the Samsung Gear S2.

The new apps that are introduced for the Samsung Gear S2 include Uber, G’Night (a sleep tracking app), My Notes (For reminders) and Xanozu (an app to browse YouTube videos) which run on Tizen. Quite a number of games are added too. The new and upgraded dial screens are improved in many ways including the fact that a large chunk of information including the weather, health goals, moon phase, reminders and important notifications can be displayed on the same screen.

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