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Sennheiser HD 202 II professional is one of the best Over-ear headphone to buy in India under Rs 2,500 price range. It has well balanced lows, mids and highs with impressive thumping bass and treble. Overall it's a great pick for this price and won't disappoint the users easily.

flipkart store Sennheiser HD 202 II price and availability Rs. 2,241
Amazon store Sennheiser HD 202 II price and availability Rs. 1,898

  • 3m long cables make it less portable (Good for indoor use)
  • Well balanced lows, mids and highs
  • Good thumping bass
  • Clear sound
  • Excellent treble
  • Lightweight
  • 2yrs warranty
  • Value for money

- By WHAT HI-FI on

What you get here is a pair of over-ear headphones of the closed-back, commuter-friendly kind. They don't look particularly special, but they certainly don't look cheap, either, and the firm but comfortable fit means they shouldn't fly off your head.....

- By Amazon.in on

Offering an unmatched sound experience, these Sennheiser over ear headphones bring to you an amazing deep bass response complemented with an exceptional insulation against ambient noise. These professional over ear headphones are a best fit for....

- By salmaniac on

Sennheiser is a brand well-known for its dedication to deliver high-quality audio equipment. German engineering never fails to impress. The same can be said about Sennheiser HD 202 II headphones...

- By CNET on

The HD 202 IIs have a closed-back design, meaning the earcups grip around your ears and filter out a decent amount of ambient sounds, which can be a useful feature if you want to block out noises on....

- By Headfonia on

We all know how picky high end headphones can be. Reading the review on the HD650, K701, and DT880 confirms that. As the level of fidelity goes up, somehow those headphones get more picky on the song....

- By  Flipkart on

One of the best value for money headphone out in the market. It gives you the audiophile experience you crave for, but does not burn your pocket. Great base, mid and treble.....