Turn your car into a smart mobile office

Depicting yet another tech innovation, Microsoft plans to bring Microsoft Office 365 cloud services to your car dashboard. This is supposed to save a lot of commute time on the driver’s part and hopefully, would be safe too.

Microsoft is teaming up with Harman to bring about these advanced technological services to the drivers in order to increase their productivity. The result being a smart personal assistant software that may be able to schedule meetings, managing events, adding or hosting a conference call, hearing and responding to e-mails; all while you drive!

This move is aimed at increasing the productivity of the drivers and would be functional mostly while the car is driven autonomously or is parked at a spot. Drivers would also be able to make seamless video and conference calls on skype via its help. Regular updates for the whole system would be provided over the air on a regular basis, Harman confirms.

Reportedly, Microsoft has also teamed up with IAV to integrate Windows 10 to the car dashboards so as to provide easy access to Skype for Business, Cortana, Outlook, Calendar and Groove music. Expectantly, these smart systems would not interfere with the safety of the driver and the passengers and would add to the efficiency; saving on the commute time to provide a hassle-free and comfortable ride.

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