WhatsApp to be free for life soon

Earlier, WhatsApp had announced that WhatsApp would be free for the users in India; in a recent move, it further announced that it is planning to drop the already very low fees to make WhatsApp totally free for all the users.

WhatsApp, which is currently owned by Facebook, is free for the first year for everyone, while there is a small fees per year to be paid by the users from the second year onwards. It stated in its reports that it will soon remove the fees in the coming few weeks to make WhatsApp completely free of cost to be used by everyone lifelong.

The move came into existence as the officials at WhatsApp believed that they have been growing considerably and a large chunk of the user base doesn’t have a debit/credit card to pay for their membership fees that is charged from the second year. Thus, they are at the risk of losing access to their friends and families after the first year. Now it is not sure how the company plans to monetize after making it a completely free app and remove all the in-app purchase options. Facebook’s monetization greatly depend upon the ads and data and a similar technique could be seen with WhatsApp too, but further success of the company will only depend upon the factor that how neat and clean they can keep the app; keeping the users away from spams and third party ads.

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