WhatsApp to support Video Calling and multiple chat tabs

It seems Facebook has left no stone unturned in order to keep the already number one mobile chat platform stuck to its place. In a move that can see WhatsApp competing with many voice and video chat programs at the same time, WhatsApp has decided to include video calling feature in its next update.

As per a report published in Germany, WhatsApp users will have a small window on top of their video feed wherein they can see their own video image. Also, the option to switch between primary and secondary cameras would be available. Users would also be able to mute their microphone if they just want to see the other person and chat via messages. All these features seem to be inspired from various different chat applications like Skype, Imo, Viber, etc., but the best thing is that WhatsApp will have all these features combined in one application while the others fall short of a few.

The video calling feature would be supported on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks and users will also have the option of opening and chatting via multiple tabs. Isn’t it one of a kind? The new features are rumoured to be available on the next update of iOS, followed by the same for Android, so Android users might need to wait a little to try out the features. The one thing that is sure is that WhatsApp is getting a make-over in terms of functionality and looks that no one can resist.

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