Windows 10 smartphones to sport a camera button on the lock screen

You are probably wondering why do the Windows 10 phones need a camera button on the lock screen, don’t they have it already? Well, the answer to this query is that the Windows phone don’t have a camera button on the lock screen and this is due to the fact that they have a dedicated camera button. The only exception as of now is the Microsoft Lumia 650. So the news is, the new Windows phones and Windows 10 smartphones will have the camera button on the lock screen for the convenience of the users.

Taking a cue from the Android devices that have a camera button on the lock screen, the manufacturers of Window 10 smartphones have also started to get on the bandwagon, though it is highly appreciated this time since it adds to positive consumer experience. Just using a button to take that instant photo is always better than having to unlock your device and then looking out for that camera button; it reduces a step or two.

The camera button on the lock screen was first spotted by WinBeta on a Windows 10 Mobile Redstone build that are insider previews released to a beta test group. Even though there is no option to customize the button’s placement, it is still a welcome move. People wonder why this feature has not been incorporated yet in the Windows phones, but at least we see some progress here. The Microsoft Lumia is already on the correct track and the other smartphones are sure to follow the same.

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