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Best Gaming Accessories for Laptops and PC under Rs 10,000

Have you bought a new gaming PC or a powerful gaming laptop recently? Then you are at the right place and we can help you in enhancing your gaming experience. If you’re wondering what accessories should you buy to improve the overall gaming experience, then our list of best gaming accessories for laptops and PC can be useful to you. All the mentioned gaming accessories cost under Rs 10,000.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse is one of the must buy gaming accessories for laptops or PC. Imagine playing an FPS game using your laptop’s trackpad; it would be a mess and can’t be the proper solution for prolonged gaming. Gaming mouse has higher DPI and better sensors to sense the movement apart. When you enter the Online gaming world, speed matters a lot. So if you are a person who prefers keyboard and mouse combo for gaming, then buying a gaming mouse will improve your gaming quality and ensures better results.

The best gaming mice to buy in India:

We recommend these gaming mice over other gaming mice of the Indian Online market. To know more about the best gaming mouse, check the list of best gaming mice to buy in India.

If you are going with the mouse, then a good quality mouse pad is required to bring the full potential of it. Check the best mouse pads to buy online below.

SteelSeries Qck Mass Mousepad

Steelseries is one of the standard brands that are seen in gaming tournaments. Mousepad last long and endure long hours of intense gaming quite comfortably.

Rs. 1,199 Rs. 1,299
Check more mouse pads in Flipkart.
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Gaming Keyboards

Need a gaming keyboard for multiplayer gaming? The keyboard is one of the most important PC accessories to buy for playing games on PC or laptops. Keyboards can be connected to your system or laptop via USB port. A lot of features are associated with a gaming keyboard. Macros are an extremely useful feature which helps in multiple actions in games with one keystroke.

Best Low-Cost keyboards for serious gaming:

In case you want to know more about the good quality gaming keyboards, check our list of best gaming keyboards for budget gamers.
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Gaming Headphones

Another important gaming accessories to consider is a good quality gaming headphone. When it comes to gaming, only a few people prefer In-Ear headphones with inline mic. Many of us go for good Over-Ear or On-Ear Headphones, but only the hardcore gamers buy the gaming headsets. These headphones are suitable for Laptops as well as PC.

The Best Gaming Headset Suggestions:

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Gaming Gamepads

When it comes to PC gaming, many of us prefer gaming keyboards and mouse over gamepads, but Gamers who have prior experience with gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox models will mostly prefer gamepads over keyboard and mouse combination. Also, there are some games which demand the gamepads. Don Bradman Cricket 2014 and Don Bradman Cricket 2017. You can still play these games with your regular keyboard and mouse with certain key mapping software such as Vjoy and x360ce. However, it will definitely affect the quality and experience of proper gaming.

Best gaming accessories: Gamepads

Best wireless gamepad suggestions:

Sony DS4 is the best wireless gamepad you can buy in India. It performs really well and the built quality promises maximum durability without common controller damages. It can also be used on a pc/laptop with the help of certain third party software like ds4 windows or input mapper and proper drivers installed.

If you want to avoid playing with third-party drivers, you can get a USB controller adapter like Microsoft Xbox Wireless ReceiverDualShock 4 USB Wireless AdaptorCronus Max or Titan One Console Tuner.

Best wired gamepad suggestions:

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller is the best-wired gamepad to buy in India. Although it is an Xbox 360 gamepad, it is also compatible with USB enabled PC or Laptops.

Also, check the list of best gamepads to buy in India.
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Racing Simulators or Steering Wheels

Racing Wheels for Gaming

Unlike the gamepads or other joystick controllers, these Steering Wheels are made especially for open world, driving and racing games. Racing Wheels brings a completely different experience of racing games and it also helps you to experience the real world driving controls of the top end cars. You can experience the car controls and learn new racing lessons with the help of these racing simulators. Racing Simulators comes with a steering wheel, shifter and pedals for braking and acceleration.

The best racing wheel to buy in India:

Thrustmaster Ferrari Force T150 Gaming Steering Wheel

Free shipping
Last update was in: August 22, 2018 12:10 am
Rs. 25,258 Rs. 26,999
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Laptop Cooling Pads and Cooling Fans for PC

Laptop cooling pads

Whether you have a laptop or PC, optimum ventilation and cooling is a crucial factor for high-end gaming devices. Otherwise, your loved system will be dead in just a matter of time. Overheating has always been the biggest issue for the laptop gamers and a proper cooling fan can sort out the heating issues. There are different types of cooling pads available online.

The best cooling pads for gaming laptops:

Deepcool WINDPAL FS Cooling Pad for Laptops

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Last update was in: August 22, 2018 12:10 am
Rs. 1,725 Rs. 2,750

Tarkan Heavy Duty Cooling Pad for Laptops

It comes with 4 Fans with LED illumination. Powerful, yet silent. It has a cable detangle slot at the bottom. Advanced aerodynamics with metal mesh surface assures cooling.

Rs. 1,799 Rs. 2,999

Few of the best Cooling Fans for PC:

Coolpads can’t be used for PC. A good gaming case/PC cabinet is required for the optimal airflow of a gaming rig as it enables installation of multiple cooling fans for high-end gaming. These cooling fans are selected after comparing and analyzing some of the bestselling cooling fans available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Last update was on: August 22, 2018 12:10 am

If you don’t want to spend a lot for a cooling fan, then Circle 120MM is a good option for you.

Circle 120MM High Quality 15 LED (RED LED) Silent Cabinet Cooling FAN / Connector: 4-pin and 3-pin / R.P.M.: 1650...

Free shipping
Last update was in: August 22, 2018 12:10 am
Rs. 599 Rs. 999
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Portable External Hard Drive

External Hard Drives

Laptop storage getting full due to loads of gaming and other space consuming data? Don’t worry! A good quality external hard disk can sort out the issue. With the help of a good external hard drive, you can play hundreds of games without the need to install them on your laptops. This can significantly help you to avoid slowing up of the gaming system with humongous games.

One of the best external hard drives:

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Lap Desk

Laptop desks are also known as laptop tables. They are compact, ergonomic, provides extra care and comfort. Lap desks enable you to play games on the floor, sofa or while lying down on your bed. It also helps in keeping the laptop’s heat off your legs. You can also place other items like smartphones, coffee etc along with the laptop and comfortably positioned mouse.

Top 2 best lap desks:

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