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The Best Turntables in India (2018)

It turns out that records aren’t as retro as once thought. The popularity of vinyl is moving up in a massive wave, and as such, audio companies are meeting this demand by offering new and improved record players for their customers. There are many different turntable options out there to suit a variety of budgets and preferences. Read on to find out our top choices and why we choose each one.

Before showing you our favorites, here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect turntable.

Take the time to notice what the record player is made of, what the motor configuration is and if there are any additional features offered.

Also, pay attention to how well damped the turntable is. In other words, what steps has the manufacturer taken to avoid annoying vibrations? Is it a better-built belt driven model or is it one of the few direct drive options that actually sound amazing?

Of course, you always want to keep your personal needs in mind as well. Are you a beginner, just getting into the whole record craze? Or are you someone who knows what you are doing when it comes to customized and specialized machines? Do you need any special accessories? Make sure you know what you want before you start your search.


Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB 


Audia Technia AT-LP120-USB



If you are just starting out in the world of records, but you want something that is going to grow with you, the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB is a fantastic choice for you. This record player comes with everything you will need. It plays all sizes of records–33 ½, 45, and 78 RPM. It has a built-in phono preamp as well.  

This machine is easy to set up, and yet it still has features that even veteran record enthusiasts can enjoy. You can dial in the vertical tracking angle and tracking force, and you can replace the headshell. It also has a USB output which means you can digitize your collection if you so choose. The balance of simplicity and sophistication makes this record player a top choice. 

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Denon DP-300F 

Denon DP-300F DJ tuneble set



If you are looking for a turntable that looks as great as it sounds, the Denon DP-300F is the record player for you. The sound quality of this turntable causes your music to sound both detailed and airy at the same time. There is optional add-on to improve your sound quality, but they will cost you a pretty penny.  

The one thing this record player is missing is a USB output, but if you aren’t looking to digitize your collection, this shouldn’t be a big concern for you. 

The DP-300F has an automatic stop and start feature meaning you won’t accidentally wear out your needle if you forget to turn your player off before leaving the house or falling asleep.  

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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is one of the absolute best hi-fi record players on the market. This belt driven turntable is extremely high quality, and due to the quality of damping, it provides incredible sound. The tonearm is carbon fiber, the same material much more expensive models usually boast of.

This turntable is not an automatic like the others listed here, so newbies need to know a bit more about what they are doing to use this properly. That being said, the high sound quality more than makes up for this fact.

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Clear Audio Concept

Clear Audio Concept Turnable


The Clear Audio Concept is an expensive turntable that is worth every penny. Another belt driven model, it is well built, has stunning sound quality and is great to look at as well. It plays all sizes of records, has a speed dial on the plinth and is everything a serious vinyl enthusiast could ever want.

 As we mentioned in the beginning, there are so many turntables available for record enthusiast today. Make sure you know what it is that you are looking for and you will be happy with your purchase for years to come.

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