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How To Quickly Download Android 7 Nougat

The Android 7 Nougat update, which is out and available on a variety of devices, can be easily installed without any complications. So, if you are looking to install Nougat, follow these simple directions, and you can be updated in no time.

When it comes to updates, the rule of thumb is that the newer your device, the sooner the update will be available to you. The Nougat update fixes bugs and has a bunch of updates and new features, so it is definitely worth getting.

If you are interested in the ability to run two apps side-by-side, or if you are interested in having longer and more efficient battery life, or maybe replying to notifications without having to leave your current screen tickles your fancy, then you will absolutely love this new Nougat update.

It is always smart to backup your device before doing any update. Just in case something goes wrong in the process, backing up your device will make sure you keep everything you have stored on your phone or tablet. To make sure that the backup feature on your device is turned on, first go to “Settings” then select  “Backup and reset” and make sure the following two things are both checked; “Backup my data” and “Automatic restore.”

Once you are satisfied with the safety of your data,  you will need to check to see if the Nougat update is available on your device. You should receive a push notification telling you that a new update is available, but you can also manually check to see if the update is there. To do this, you will first go to “Settings,” then find the “About phone” button near the bottom of the page. Next click “System updates” or “Software updates.”

Once there if you don’t see any updates, chances are your carrier or phone network hasn’t issued the upgrade quite yet. You can do a quick and easy Google search to find a possible release date for your particular device.

If the update is available, you will now need to download it. This process couldn’t be more simple if we tried.

First, make sure you are connected to WiFi. This step is crucial because if you aren’t connected to WiFi doing an update could eat up all your available data in a hurry. Secondly, plug in your device, or at the very least be sure your battery is sufficiently charged. Updates tend to use a lot of battery power. One last thing to keep in mind before starting the download is to make sure that you won’t need to access your device anytime soon, as the download does take some time.

Once you are ready, all you have to do is follow the prompts on your screen and allow your device to do all the work for you. Once the update is completed your phone or tablet will restart, and you will be operating with the new and improved Android 7 Nougat update.

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